Plastic surgery department has long played an important role at Ain Shams University Demerdash Hospitals. It is the first specialized department for plastic surgery in Middle East and Africa constructed. It was constructed in 1957 by Prof. Dr. Nader Sweilam. Now it is one of the most developed departments in Ain Shams University, which geared all efforts towards having professional medical generations.


The burn unit of the Department of Plastic Surgery - Faculty of Medicine - Ain Shams University is a specialized unit in the reception and treatment of acute and critical burn cases through the provision of integrated health service which includes:

  • The emergency unit:

  , Which includes operation room equipped with the most recent  devices and surgical supplies necessary to receive and aid the critical cases and 2 outpatient clinics.

  • The intensive care unit

Which include 8 beds in the form of separate units equipped with Ventilator devices and constant observation and blood gas analysis and other most recent devices for the treatment of critical cases and working under the direct supervision of the Department of Anesthesiology and the Department of Plastic Surgery

There is a section of (2) special treatment beds for cases of deep and critical burns called clinitron This bed is equipped with the most recent technology in the world to treat these cases

  • Operations unit:

 Includes 2 operation rooms equipped with all the hardware devices and surgical anesthesia for doing operations on burn patients

  • The internal ward:

It includes thirteen beds in the form of separate units designed specifically for nursing burn patients and the ward is equipped with first-class and second excellent beds in addition to the presence of beds dedicated to children and the ward is provided with a network of central air conditioning.

  • Laboratory unit

It includes the latest hardware and blood chemistry analysis, independent and special to burns unit and operates 24 hours a day

  • skin bank and tissue culture lab

It is the only bank all over Egypt, which is characterized by the provision of large amounts of human skin necessary to compensate the affected skin

The treatment of patients is supervised by faculty members of plastic surgery  and anesthesia and intensive care departments of the Faculty of Medicine - Ain Shams University and who are specialized in the treatment of critical burns

a dedicated team of nursing staff who work in various sections of burn unit and well trained to treat and nurse burn patients

- There is crew from the Department of physical Medicine to help treat patients and to accelerate the rehabilitation to return to work in the fastest time

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