The Ain Shams Children’s hospital includes the following main elements:


1. The new building ( area size = 1120 m2  x  8 floors + Basement)

2. Connecting bridge ( connecting old and New building )

3. Development of the area between the buildings

4.     Specialized clinics building (20 clinics)

5.     Old hospital


The children's Hospital at Ain Shams University is a distinguished medical monument in Egypt.


1.   The new building consists of a basement, eight floors on an area 1120 m2 ; a total of 10180 m2

1.        The ground floor and mezzanine:Contains

1.        The main entrances to the building

2.        The project provides for the first time since the establishment of the pediatric department a lecture hall that accommodates 400 students

3.        Eight small lecture & training rooms for clinical teaching & training

4.        The entrance to the bridge link between the new and the old children's Hospital buildings.


2.                 First floor:

Contains the renal dialysis unit 22 machine 

and 7 intermediate oncology rooms (each room 1-bed)

3.        Second floor:

Contains Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging services & Pediatric Cardiac Catheter Unit + Echo and heart Physiology

4.        The third floor: Contains

Intensive care units; both neonatal intensive care; (28 incubators)     

             and pediatric intensive care (17 beds).

5.        The fourth – sixth  floors:

Contain  rooms for in-patients.  Each floor contains  20 rooms. (needing furnishing) Each room contains two beds ( total 120 Beds) and a separate bathroom;  giving the opportunity to better care for patients and comfortable accommodation
















2. The bridge between the new and old buildings :

Linking the old and new BUILDINGS allowing integration of services and ease the transition for patients, physicians and staff and the integration of medical services



3. The old building:

The building (area size = 3500 m2 x 2 floors + Basement)

  • The emergency department and the outpatient’s clinics are located in the old building
  • Have 198 beds (section, nursery and I.C.U)
  • 14 beds in I.C. U which are fully equipped and 10 nurseries for premature infants
  • The hospital contains unit for newly developed surgeries which contain 2 operating rooms equipped with the latest medical devices which can convey and recording operation to a unit to study and follow up training and to take advantage of the expertise available
  • The average number of patients attending to the reception is 35000 patients per year.
  • The average number of patients attending to the out patients is 77000 patients per year.
  • The average number of patients admitted to the hospital is 8000 patients per year.

4.         Specialized clinics building (20 clinics)

1.      Heart Clinic

2.      Chest Clinic

3.      Blood Clinic

4.      Oncology Clinic

5.      Diabetology Clinic

6.      Neurology Clinic

7.      Kidney Clinic

8.      Genetics Clinic

9.      Nutrition Clinic

10.  Immunology Clinic

11.  Neurodevelopment Clinic

12.  Bone Clinic

13.  Newborn Babies Clinic

14.  Endocrinal Clinic

15.  Liver Clinic

16.  Pediatric Psychiatry Clinic

17.  Gastroenterology Clinic

18.  Pediatric urology clinic

19.  Vascular hemangiomas clinic

20.  Anorectal surgical clinic