The mission of the Poison Control Center is to improve the health of Egyptians by reducing illness and death resulting from poisoning by providing high standard of quality care through the efficient use of available resources and to prevent harm from poisoning through expertise, collaboration ad professional and public education .


         ThePoisonControlCenterstrategic vision is to be a nationally and internationally recognized, to compel our leadership inEgyptand theMiddle Eastin Poisoning treatment and prevention and to be the provider of choice for high standard quality care.


The goals of the poison control center are to:

  1. provide expert, 24-hour assistance to the citizens ofCairoand all governorates during possible poisoning emergencies.
  2. Reduce the costs associated with poisoning by treating trivial exposures at home with Center guidance.
  3. Train healthcare professionals in the field of clinical toxicology from different universities and institutes.
  4. Provide a constant poisoning profile in our Egyptian community.
  5. Expand knowledge in the field of clinical toxicology through an active research program.
  6. Perform and evaluate nationwide toxico-vigilance.
  7. Develop strategies to reduce hazards.
  8. Promote the Poison Control center as a component of public health.