We believe on:

  • Humanitarian message.
  • Compliance with the law and the ethics of the profession.
  • Respect for the other
  • The inevitability of pursuit of knowledge that would benefit humanity.
  • Creativity generated by the team-building and teamwork
  • Municipality to participate in knowledge and capacity


We hope for the Excellency and  work hard for community participation for the advancement of health services to respond to the levels of a person's life and built on the basis of scientific, professional and high technology and compatible with the rapid global developments in the medical field and techniques


Our mission is to meet the needs of patients of blood and blood products conforming to quality standards in force at the center of blood transfusion without causing any side effects at the appropriate time and in the quantities required to maintain the health of donors and dealing with blood and blood products from the beginning of donation and until it is transferred to the patient with no damage to the environment surrounding