About Bone Marrow Transplant Unit

About Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and Department of General Internal Medicine - Faculty of Medicine,AinShamsUniversitythe unit contain

  • . 7 cabins individually to isolate the patient during and after a bone marrow transplant.
  • Unit to separate the stem cells and platelets, and the lab is equipped to save the stem cells until the requirement to it as the P cases autologous transplant.
  • Laboratory analysis of the periodic patients and followed up before and after bone marrow transplantation.
  • . Body irradiation of blood components and derivatives.
  • Unit integrated sterilization (sterilization at a cold / device sterilization Otoclav)

And serve the unity of blood disease, tumors and the cultivation of stem cells from a donor and also a self-transplant patient to himself.

  • The unit was opened in 11-01-2004 was the first transplant patient in 2005 and so far 60 patients were transplanted between self-sow and transplant from a donor.



Faculty members occupied the post of Director of the yen and the unity of bone marrow transplants since its inception to date: -

  1. Dr / Maha ELZIMAITY.

           The period from 01/11/2004 until 31/12/2007

  1. Dr / Essam Abdel Wahed Hassan

           The period from 1/1/2008 until 31/3/2008

  1. Dr / Amal Mustafa Afifi.

           The period from 1/4/2008 until 31/11/2008

  1. Dr / Mohammed Moss.

           The period from 12.01.2008 until 11.03.2010

  1. Dr / Shaza Abdel Wahab.

           The period from 03.11.2010 until 12.08.2010

  1. Dr / Essam Abdel Wahed Hassan

              The period from 09.12.2010 to date.